What am I doing here still?

I started this blog one year ago. I had been expanding my sources of information with English media for many years and sometimes felt a disconnection between my own experience and how my society was being portrayed and understood by Canadians. This feeling prompted me to share some of my views. In the process, I tried busting a few myths:I won't pretend I succeeded for all of them, but hopefully I've given the reader material to challenge some of the ideas many people accept as the unquestionable truth. I also tried shedding a different light on topics that are sometimes misunderstood or that Canadians in general are simply not aware of:I'm somewhat of a news junkie. And the way things are reported, individuals are sometimes aggregated into demographic groups as if the characteristics of the whole applied to each equally. I think individuals share more similarities than most realize or sometimes want to think. Some of the entries I've posted tackle how things should, could or might be if people recognized how similar they really are:Along the way, I also wrote a few entries to share some of my own personal brushes with non Pure Laine:No one has monopoly on truth, obviously. Some of the comments I've been reading opened up doors I wasn't aware of, perhaps I did the same for a few of you.


Skinny Dipper said...

Keep writing.

Snowbird said...

Keep up the good work !

You have a great advantage over us Anglos : you and the "Pure Laine" community know who you are . This makes you a great benchmark for us to ponder who we are and who we want to be going forward .
For all the braggadocio , we will eventually have to face the harsh reality : it just doesn' really hold water to keep defining ourselves as proud former British, non-American , non-French non-Hispanic North Americans . You guys are your own person and you set a useful precedent for us to mull and someday decide whether ROC makes sense or not. On a bad day I will usually think that all the territory between Quebec and Mexico is just one big glob.

Michel Bolduc said...

Thanks for the kind words!