A Québec colony in the USA?

Hmmm... what's this [in French only]?... the city of Burlington, Vermont, just passed a resolution to heighten the presence of French?... interesting...

Turns out one of the municipal councilors thought that it was "an appropriate time to send a message across the border that we're extending the hand of friendship." The majority agreed to it on August 8th and the resolution passed. It simply is an encouragement to local merchants and has no legal bearing... a courteous gesture that acknowledges some of the state's heritage. About a third of its resident are of French Canadian descent, the name "Vermont" is an adaptation of the French words verts monts, i.e. green mountains, and its capital was named after the French city Montpellier as a tribute to France's aid during the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, some people don't agree with this resolution. And they give their beef a somewhat bitter taste. Click here to read about it.