Foods to eat in Québec

Québec is renown for its culinary specificity. In a recent edition, the National Geographic lists the top ten foods to eat in the province:
  1. Poutine
  2. Bagels in Montréal
  3. Tire sur la Neige in Montérégie and Laurentians
  4. Cheese in Eastern Townships
  5. Shish Taouk in Montreal
  6. Smoked Meat Sandwich in Montreal
  7. Tourtière in Quebec City
  8. Couscous in Montreal
  9. Haitian Tassot in Montreal
  10. Lamb in Charlevoix
It's cool to witness immigration's contribution to the mix. Bagels and Smoked Meat have been there for quite a while. The more recent additions are fairly easy to spot. Click here to read the whole story.