Step by step

With his editorial, in today's La Presse, André Pratte summons federalists against the sovereigntists' new step by step approach. He stresses that this year marks the 20th anniversary of Meech's demise. Although he doesn't mention it, polls show support for sovereignty has slowly, but steadily, increased in recent months.

Some dismiss the thought of an independent Québec as a passé idea carried by aging baby-boomers. Yet, the Parti Québécois has been recruiting many young and promising MNAs and candidates for whom you won't find vis-à-vis in other main provincial and federal parties.

Mr. Pratte also outlines the sovereigntists' general diligence and the environmental strategy they've been using to distance themselves from the rest of the country. What are federalists doing? "Not much" he writes... they are under the impression that 1995's scenario can't happen again. "Big mistake" he adds... I agree with him.

Click here [Google translation] to read the editorial.

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