Brace for impact!

Budget season is coming. And the Charest government has been preparing the population for the worst. Economic commentators have been writing [Google translation] about Québec's massive debt as early as December.

Even Bouchard has been put to work. Of course, Mr. Bouchard's economic conservative propensity is well documented; he's one of Pour un Québec lucide's signatories. That he's recently summoned sovereigntists about the right priorities is just Charest's good fortune, right?

Now, Raymond Bachand, Québec's Minister of Finance, is proudly displaying the results [Google translation] of an analysis that ranks Québec only below Japan, Italy, Greece and Iceland in terms of public debt as a percentage of GDP (click here for the story by the Canadian Press). Why haven't the Liberals started to address these issues when they took helm in 2003?

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