Ô Kébèc!

Well... the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste is at it again. A national anthem for the Québécois? Click below to hear it or click here for a look at the lyrics.

I can't say I find it very uplifting. I personally would've chosen a younger songwriter than Raôul Duguay, someone with a fresher look on our society... and why not?... someone who was born abroad and embraces Québec's culture wholeheartedly like Bernard Adamus [Google translation] or Luck Mervil.

This isn't the first time the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste is involved in promoting a national anthem. It did the same back in 1880. And I can't help but think that English speakers of the time must've reacted with the same disbelief some do today. Yet, 100 years later, the majority of them acknowledged it as their own. They now embrace it. I'm sure you heard of it... Ô Canada!

Read the second verse of the original French poem carefully. It reeks my home province. Writing an anthem for an independent Québec that doesn't sound anything like our country's national anthem would be quite a challenge.

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