Mon pays, ce n’est pas Vancouver! - Take 2

In the words of Pample the Moose: "I had to shake my head in amused bewilderment in reading Vancouver Olympics CEO John Furlong's whining in his memoirs about how the issue of French in the Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies was criticized by people like Graham Fraser and James Moore..."

In his recent book, the head of last year's Winter Olympics also complains about how he was treated by La Presse's journalist Réjean Tremblay [Google translation] at a conference press. According to Mr. Furlong, the journalist tried forcing him to speak French. Mr. Tremblay sheds a different light on the anecdote.
"John Furlong spoke exclusively English for about seven minutes presenting the province's Premier. Jean Charest made an interesting 10-minute speech exclusively in French during which Mr. Furlong didn't wear his translation headset. Did he understand what was being said?

French and English are the official languages of Canada. French and English are the official languages of the Olympic Movement. This was Québec Day at the Games. Was Mr. Furlong being contemptuous? I felt compelled to clear it out.

I was the first when the Q & A session began and asked Mr. Furlong what he thought of Mr. Charest's words. I invited him to answer in English if it was easier for him. He had no clue what the Premier talked about and looked like a complete fool. Mr. Charest's grin was unequivocal."
There are two sides to a coin.

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