Mon pays, ce n'est pas Vancouver!

In the words of Pample the Moose: "I had to shake my head in amused bewilderment in reading Vancouver Olympics CEO John Furlong's whining in his memoirs about how the issue of French in the Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies was criticized by people like Graham Fraser and James Moore..."

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Note: I simply couldn't have written it better myself.


James said...
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Michel Bolduc said...

Other songs have been diverted from their original intent to take a different meaning. The second verse of the original lyrics to the Ô Canada is clear on what it refers to. Perhaps the same fate awaits Gilles Vigneault's song, when he will have long been forgotten.

As for Mr. Furlong's plan, it's nice to see the intent was there. But it's mostly appalling to see how the attempt was ill-conceived. As you point out, what a miserably missed rendez-vous it was for Canadian nation building.