Duceppe: 20 years in Ottawa

In the words of Québec's Arab and Muslim communities: "Man of integrity and of national aspiration, Mr. Gilles Duceppe defends Québec's interests with strength at the House of Commons and claims legislative powers to preserve its society's cultural and linguistic specificity. We support his political actions for a strong Québec with regards to its culture, its language and its inclusive social model."

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adski said...

Nice FEDERAL pension awaiting Mr.Duceppe when he retires. So ironic and...demoralizing.

Life's not fair, I know, but this particular case is a real kick in the teeth.

Michel Bolduc said...

Sovereigntists and federalists alike pay taxes to Ottawa. Unless there is a way for sovereigntists not to contribute to federal programs, they are entitled to all of them. Seems fair to me.

adski said...

Yes, "taxation without representation". Duceppe's favorite line.

But yes, the system is set up so that every province can send anyone it wants to the federal parliament and since Quebec is a cynical province, it sends to Ottawa who it sends.

Two things that make me optimistic:

1. The additional 30 seats outside of Quebec will dilute the Bloc's presence on the parliamentary floor

2. Some Francophones are waking up and beginning to realize, after 20 years, that this party in the federal framework might not be doing them any good. Better late than never.

--20 ans de gaspillage du poids politique du Québec à Ottawa--


Michel Bolduc said...

I prefer the Globe & Mail's media Roundup. It gives a better overview of Québec media's appreciation of Duceppe's contribution to the Canadian political landscape. Surprisingly, some commentators from outside the province are in sync with this positive outlook.