Québécois cinema is too white - Part 2

When it comes to criticism, the Québécois are a sensitive bunch. Especially when... well... a non pure laine voices that criticism. I gather you could compare it to a friend taking a shot at a member of your own family... unwelcome, even when true.

Jacob Tierney's recent words about Québécois cinema being too white raised many voices. Most reactions built on the fact that the Québécois represent only 2% of a predominantly English speaking North American population and were thus entitled to a cinema exclusively about themselves. I don't subscribe to that line of thought. It simply removes oneself from any type of forward dialog.

So... when I stumbled on a very articulate letter in the pages of La Presse about how wrong Mr. Tierney simply was, I was pleasantly surprised. When I realized this response was from a new-stock Québécois who felt compelled to react, I was delighted.

Click here [Google translation] to read it.

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