Media eclipse in Québec

Last night, les Canadiens eliminated the 2009 Stanley Cup champions. Anything is now possible. La ville est hockey.

According to Influence Communication, sports are at the top of all priorities in Québec media. And 85% of sports news is about les Canadiens. Other NHL teams and other sports, be they professional or amateur, account for less than 10%. Every day, 35% of what's written on the NHL in media around the world comes from Québec. The rest of the country, home of five NHL teams, produces 50% of NHL coverage. The USA, with 24 teams, produces 15%.

For comparison, sports news in Québec account for 16 times the weight of national news; 25 times the weight of news on poverty, elders and natives. Four games by les Canadiens generate more news than Africa does over the course of a whole year.

With the second round of the playoffs now over, we will see, hear and read about the Habs all day today and Friday. Governments and companies that have been holding on bad news for the Québécois can now take full advantage of this media eclipse. Nobody will notice.

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bruchu said...

Si le tricolore gagne la coupe stanley, Charest pourrait profiter le gros party pour au moins de six mois plus, jusqu'au début de la saison prochaine. GO HABS GO!!!