Braveheart and the sovereigntists

With his editorial, in last Sunday's La Presse, André Pratte draws several parallels between the Scottish movement for independence and the PQ. "The resemblance between both approaches is fascinating..." he writes.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) recently published its White Paper detailing the steps that would lead to the secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom. The motivations are the same put forward by the Péquistes. The strategy envisioned to gather sufficient support is reminiscent of the "Marois Plan".

Facing its upcoming 2010 referendum deadline and insufficient support for its preferred option, the Scottish Government is now considering a multi-option referendum seeking a variety of increased responsibilities for the Scottish Parliament. The appeal of the latter option is that it might be more likely to command the support of other parties.

Click here [Google translation] to read the editorial.

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