Place de résistance

Immigration is on the rise in Québec, and nowhere in Canada is the struggle to integrate newcomers more challenging. This week, the Toronto Star publishes a series of articles examining what's behind these challenges:The reports point out the courteous relationships the Québécois maintain with its minorities on a daily basis. But the series mostly underlines how everyday life courtesy doesn't necessarily translate into the workplace; it confirms the preconceived ideas many Canadians have towards Québec. A soft consensus can be drawn from comments regarding the merits of culture lessons.

Unfortunately, these articles are only available in English; French media should pick them up.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a 'preconceived' idea about Quebec. It seems to be based on the way immigrants vote with their feet and overwhelmingly choose Toronto or Vancouver over Montreal. Even those who go to Montreal often end up in Toronto. The notion that Quebec is unwelcoming to immigrants is based on the movement of immigrants, not misunderstandings of Quebec culture or society.

Michel Bolduc said...

Obviously, Québec has some work to do, but I don't think 'unwelcoming' is the right word. The immigrants I mix with are well integrated and mostly have a positive opinion of the province and its people. Some choose to integrate with the majority while others feel learning English is enough. I suspect there is an important difference of perception depending on this choice.