Canadian movies - Part 2

Having raked in more than $9M in less than two months, "De père en flic" (Father and Guns) is Québec's top blockbuster this year. The homegrown comedy beat "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and other box office giants. Chances are it's going to keep the top spot for the whole year.

Canadians in other provinces aren't too keen on homegrown flicks and much prefer foreign movies. Homegrown productions account for approximately 1% at the English Canadian box office. The fact that "De père en flic" has remained four weeks in the Canadian top 10 (it's still in the top 20) without a mention in national media illustrates that trend rather well.

Ironically, according to La Presse [Google translation], the movie's success hasn't gone unnoticed in Hollywood and a producer has expressed interest in a remake. Well... it looks like Canadians in other province might enjoy the Québécois movie in the near future after all.


Unknown said...

Actually, the rest of Canada's film industry has become so entangled with Americ's that it's not the case that we don't have a film industry: it's that we tend to collaborate with our neighbours.

Take the hit series Battlestar Galactica, for example. It's essentially a joint USA-Canada venture. And a good one.

Anglo Canada also tends to do well with TV shows. I stronly recommend, for example, Slings and Arrows or Being Erika, both excellent.

Michel Bolduc said...

It's great that Canadians tend to collaborate with our neighbor. I simply wish that they knew more about this country that we share.

Thanks for the recommendations, I will very gladly look them up.