"Go fuck yourself?" - Part 2

As almost everyone knows by now, the individual who lacked judgment at Theatre Ste. Catherine is the manager himself. Mr. Amber finally did his mea culpa on July 22nd. Here's the English excerpt of his bilingual apology:
To whom it concerns,

There has been much media activity in recent days that began with an email that I sent to the theatre's mailing list. Les Sages Fous were upset after receiving an all-english message regarding Zoofest programming as part of the Just For Laughs festival.

I reacted inappropriately to their request to receive emails only in French and for this I would like to apologize. However, I would like to explain that I did so not simply due to this one response, but rather because I often receive a disproportionate amount of negative feedback whenever I promote English events that are hosted at Theatre Ste Catherine.

Although it is true that I lost my temper, it must be said that it was in no way an attack on Quebec or French-speaking Canadians as was implied by some of the media covering this story. As I myself am French Canadian and a francophone from La Beauce region of southern Quebec, to hate French culture would be to hate myself.

I truly regret offending any of my French brothers and sisters, however I do not believe this would have become an issue if certain media had not sought to create discontent. As such, this situation has been blown out of proportion to the point where it now stands. Unfortunately, not only has this resulted in negative publicity for both Theatre Ste-Catherine, Zoofest and the Just For Laughs Festival, but as my personal information has since been released, I have received hundreds of hate letters including several death threats.

Due to the actions of certain individuals who fanned the flames of hate within a community of extremists, a great hurt was inflicted upon me personally that I fear could threaten the harmony of Montreal. I am upset with the intolerance that I receive on a daily basis as displayed by the many hateful emails that have been written. I also believe that the French language and culture is alive and strong, and need not be afraid of others.

When I first opened the theatre five years ago, which I myself built in what was a very troubled neighbourhood, my intention was to create a venue for people of every culture to come together for the celebration of art and unity. It would be regretful to have to shut the doors to those who have come to make Theatre Ste-Catherine their home and meeting place.

Again, I would like to sincerely apologize to Les Sages Fous, The Just For Laughs Festival, Zoofest, all of Theatre Ste Catherine’s company members as well as anyone who has been affected by this situation.

I wish I had addressed this issue sooner because of the hurt it has caused.


Eric Amber
Theatre Ste. Catherine
The following day, justifying the delay in a French interview on Radio-Canada radio, Mr. Amber explained he was very busy and was overwhelmed by the turmoil. He sounded hesitant; I initially thought that perhaps his French wasn't as solid as his English. In the hours that followed the interview, he sent this email to Les Sages Fous:
You guys were the best thing to ever happen to me. The publicity has been great. Keep up the good work.One has to wonder if he still intends to protest and shut down his operations permanently on December 21st.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Amber has just exposed him for what he really is. I hope more people learn about his thank you message to Les Sages Fous--I believe those three sentences sum it all up beautifully.